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Rental Applications

When prospective tenants have viewed a rental property which they wish to apply for they need to call and speak to the BMH Rentals team (01472) 698698 to go over affordability and income requirements with them and how the application process works, before they can apply.

If any applicant is not working, or is receiving benefits they will still need to meet the affordability criteria and will also require a local working Guarantor.

If a Guarantor is needed they will also have to go through the referencing process and also meet affordability criteria as well.

There will be a Holding Deposit which prospective tenants will need to pay when they apply which will be equal to the amount of one week’s rent for the property being applied for. Prospective tenants will be informed of the amount to pay when applying and there will be a form to complete.

So long as prospective tenants (and guarantors where applicable) pass the required referencing checks, i.e. credit check, employer reference, address history check, landlord reference etc, when tenants come to sign the tenancy agreement to move in there is the first months rent to be paid, less the one week’s Holding Deposit paid, and a deposit which is usually equivalent to the monthly rent amount (unless stated differently) and this is held in the Deposit Protection Scheme.


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